Media Blanco

Marc Ellis - Creative/Strategic Director

James McDonald - Director of Production

Kirsten Matthew - Project Manager/Public Relations 

Rupert MacKenzie - Director

Melissa Bamford - Producer 

David Green - Editors


Creative Design - Luvly 

Graphic Design - Inhouse Design

Web Design - Sons & Co

Media - Hunter Media

Digital Engagement - Relevance 

Talent - A vast network


Media Blanco is a lean, new-school agency. We believe the old-school agency model has run its course. Large staff numbers sat thumb twiddling, waiting for the client to pick up the phone, is both ineffective and costly.

Our motivation is to add value to your business and to celebrate your success.

We service a limited number of clients for whose brands we hold a genuine passion.

Our company structure ensures the clients liaise with our directors, who take a hands-on approach to managing your requirements and in utilising their extensive partnership networks.


The media landscape is changing. Consumers can now choose when, where and how they engage with a brand.

We believe clients should enjoy the same flexibility in choosing when, where and how to engage with their agency.